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Taser Report

A grand jury in Georgia has not only declined to watch a video of a Taser-related death, it has dismissed all charges in the case.(LINK)

In the video, Frederick Williams, a 31-year-old father of four, can be seen being Tasered at least five times in the chest (in one minute) while being held down by several deputies in the Gwinnett County Jail. See the video HERE.

In a letter responding to an article about the case in the Atlantic Journal-Constitution, Melvin Johnson, attorney for Williams' family, described the circumstances of Williams' arrest and death.

In summary, this is what happened:

It all began when Williams' wife called 911 to report that Williams was behaving in a violent manner due to problems caused by medications he had been prescribed for epilepsy. (Bear in mind: Williams had neither threatened nor harmed anyone. Also, he was unarmed. His "violent" behavior, so far, amounted to nothing more than walking up and down his own driveway, "talking crazy.")

In her 911 call, Mrs. Williams made it clear that her husband's behavior was a result of his problems with the medication. Also, this information was repeated to the first police officer to arrive on the scene not only by Mrs. Williams, but also a deacon from the Williams' church. They begged the officer not to approach Williams without backup from other officers, for they were concerned for the officer's safety.

The officer responded by pulling out his baton, approaching Williams, and shouting for him to shut up. When the grievously afflicted Williams did not shut up, the officer began beating Williams with the baton. Williams reacted by grabbing the baton. A struggle over the baton ensued, during which the officer fell and sustained a minor injury; he then retreated and radioed for backup.

Backup arrived in the form of 10-15 cops. Together, they somehow managed to subdue the "crazy talking" Williams; that is, they all piled in to him and hog-tied him. Very brave.

Meanwhile, Williams' wife and four young children, also the deacon and others begged the police to take Williams to the hospital for treatment. The police replied: "This guy has injured one of Our Own. We will take him to the jail and deal with him. We have all of the medicine we need at the jail."

Mrs. Williams tried to give her husband's medications to the police, but they knew better, of course; they had better medicine at the jail.

Meanwhile, the deacon had called the pastor of the church; the pastor asked to speak to an officer. The pastor too explained that Williams' behavior was due to epilepsy and begged for medical attention. But he, too, was told the same: Williams will be treated with medicine at the county jail.

The medicine, apparently, was a Taser gun. Five jolts from a Taser, to be precise. Five jolts into the chest. In less than a minute. With several deputies holding him down. Police work at its finest.

In the aforementioned video, one deputy can be heard saying, "Do you want another one?"

Williams' response (his last words, in fact): "Please don't kill me ..."

Read Melvin Johnson's letter HERE.

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GayGannonGuckertGoschGate Part XLCVMIII

Vanity Fair to 'Expose Jeff Gannon'?

George Bush's GayGate

Gannon: Gay Hooker in White House Services Pols

Bush White House Secrets: Shocking Gay Sex Scandal

Speaking of the Bush Crime Family:
Bush - Pope Ratzinger Money Laundry Conspiracy

Vanity Fair to 'Expose Jeff Gannon'?

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In an incredible online cock-up, the full details of a classified US military report into the shooting of Italian secret agent Nicola Calipari in Iraq have been made widely and publicly available.

The error was caused by the US military itself, which posted an unclassified version of the report on the internet as a PDF file with large chunks blacked out. However, the Pentagon had failed to save the file with the edit lines in place so a simple copy-and-paste of the document into a word processing application revealed the report in full ...

Secret US Military Doc on Sgrena Shooting

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Pain Compliance

No one was killed in the making of this video , nor will you see any blood and gore. And yet it is a hideous thing to behold ...

In this video you will see University of California at Santa Cruz students peacefully protesting budgetary injustices in the education system. The mood is light and celebratory when the video begins; the students are seen carrying banners, beating drums, playing flutes, and frolicking in a spirit of freedom as they march towards the soccer field they intend to occupy for their protest and teach-in.

And why should the mood not be light? These students are only exercising the practice of civil disobedience, without which many a grave injustice in the world would have gone uncorrected. And this is, after all, America, the Land of the Free ...

But, as night falls, helmeted police invade the crowd and begin administering chokeholds to the young people who have gathered to protest injustice; in the video, you will hear screaming, you will see faces contort in pain, then lose consciousness, then revive-only to be tormented again, and again, and again, by the plastic-gloved hands of the strange, silent, faceless police.

Police call this treatment "pain compliance." But we know it by another term: Torture.

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Baaaa .... baaaa ...

In this article about human-animal hybrids, scientists ask the question, "What if a human mind somehow got trapped inside a sheep's head?"

It is a troubling question, I agree. However, as this bOING-bOING post about thumb-scanning at the Statue of Liberty points out, we are becoming more sheep-like every day.

Therefore, we might as well merge the two species, so debased has the human race become ...

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Taser Report

Phoenix Man Dies After Being Tasered


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